Can I pay Klarna with Cash App?

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Here in this article, the first thing we need to understand is whether Klarna is acceptable by Cash App or not. If yes then you can pay using Klarna and if the answer is no then what is the reason behind it.

Does Klarna take Cash App Cards?

Klarna is not accepting Cash App in the current phase but takes into account the debit and credit cards authorized under the United States. It does not approve prepaid cards like Cash App cards and other foreign cards.

Still, there is a ray of light to utilize the cash card in order to add money to the Klarna purchase. 

Cash App cannot directly link to Klarna but with the other payment platforms like GooglePay, you can link Klarna to it. This means the app is indirectly linked to Klarna.

Can I use a Cash App Card for Klarna?

Cash App and Klarna will be connected indirectly and this is described as a ghost card because they cannot contact themselves unless there’s a middleman to make them work.

You need to link your Cash card to the GooglePay and the following are the steps: 

i) Click on GooglePay from your Android or iPhone.

ii) Next, click on the Payment Method option.

iii) Tap on the Add Card option and click on Proceed option.

iv) Now, input the details of the card like CVV, date of expiration, and card number.

v) Next, check the details you entered and then verify them.

vi) Go through the instructions on the screen and the card will be added successfully to the GPay account.

You will be now able to add funds for the purchase on Klarna. As a result, you can use Google Pay as a payment option the next time you need to compensate with Klarna.

Similarly, Apple Pay can be used to pay for Klarna.

  • Go to the Apple Pay on the iPhone.
  • Pick the Plus icon.
  • Tap “Credit or Debit Card” or manually enter the card details or take a snapshot of it.
  • The Cash Card will display on the home screen of Apple Wallet once you’ve added the details correctly and fulfilled all of the prompts.
  • You can see and then preview the card in order to validate it.

Another and most noticeable way is to completely transfer the balance of the Cash App to the debit card or bank account so that you can utilize the purchases on Klarna.


Make sure you have the cash card otherwise the above steps will be of no use unless you own a cash app card.

Does Klarna accept all Cards?

Klarna takes into consideration all credit and debit cards except the cash app cards.

How do I add cards to Klarna?

Either utilize the app or move to the website to complete the card-adding procedure on Klarna.

  • Go to the Klarna app or website and tap the Login tab.
  • Tap on the Payment Settings option in the next step.
  • Now select Add a Card, Remove or Add a bank account option. Pick the option as per your requirements.

How can I order at the Klarna app and pay through Cash App?

Klarna has the procedure option like 

  • Paying in Four Instalment 
  • Pay Now
  • Pay within a month
  • Pay in 6 months

Select the option as your budget allows after making the purchase.

After completing the purchase, get an email through Klarna about the payment schedule.

The option you selected will depend on that and on the scheduled date your money will be debited from the card attached to the account.

Let’s have a thorough look at the payment schedule Klarna:

  • Month-to-month flexibility has an interest rate and low payment using the credit card.
  • On plan payments, there will be fixed time and interest and the time to complete is 6 – 36 months.
  • You can directly pay after purchasing the product. In this, no interest has been included.

If you wish there is also another option that allows you to pay after 30 days of the purchase. You can also select to return the product during one month’s tenure.

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