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“What does a web receipt mean on a Cash App?” we will discuss in this article about Web Receipt on Cash App. 

When an individual transacts then he is liable to view or receive a receipt for the transactions on Cash App. The web receipt will be generated for the transaction from the account of the Cash App.

If you want to receive notification of the payments made on the app just enable the Cash App notification tab in the Settings section. You will be notified through email or message. 

Here the app has similar features to the web receipt option of PayPal which directly delivers the notification to the merchants as well as the customers upon any transaction made on the app.

How can you acquire a Web Receipt on Cash App?

No such hard and fast rules to obtain a web receipt from a cash app. Visit activity settings, select payment, and tap the web receipt. Next download the receipt for future references. This receipt is proof that declares the payment was made and you can furnish the statement if any issue arises in the future.

Click the app and get the records of your transaction history to date.

The following steps that you are required to follow:

i) From a browser click on the link

ii) You will be directed to the homepage, using the login details tap the Login tab.

iii) Pick the Statements option to view the payment history.

iv) Tap on Export CSV.

v) Download the receipt and if you want to view it go to the download folder.

The Monthly statement can be viewed at the beginning of the 5 working days.  

How can I track down the receipt on Cash App Transactions?

Whenever you transfer or make a payment, the transaction will be recorded in the Activity section. All past transactions can be tracked by visiting the cash app and heading to the history section.

The steps mentioned below are to check the activity:

  • Click Cash App using your smartphone.
  • Tap on the Activity option.
  • Now, select the payment that you want to check.
  • You can view the time, status, and date.
  • You sent a payment and now wish for a refund by clicking on the Refund or Cancel tab.

How can I View Web Receipt:

  • Tap Cash App
  • Press the Profile tab in the next step.
  • Now, click the Personal option.
  • Select Documents and tap on Monthly Statements.
  • Select the month that you want to view.

How to delete a Web Receipt on a Cash App?

Web Receipt plays an important role in Cash App because the transaction history of the payments is listed here. You cannot delete the receipt as no such facility is available on Cash App. Receipts are set to the private mode by default.

No other person can look for your cash app transaction history unless they know your login details.

On the screen tap the three dots and if you want to see only the payments then tap on them. Only payment transactions will appear in front of you.

Select Web receipt or tap on Customer Support.


The web receipt includes all the transactions made on goods or services such as discounts, taxes, prices, etc. You can also see the amount, at what time you paid, and details of the seller.


Hence, the information on the Web Receipt of Cash App is deciphered. You can easily track your receipt and also download it for further references.   

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