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Looking for ways on ‘How to delete transaction history on Cash App?’ Read this blog to find your answer.

The Cash App P2P fund transfer app has brought comfort to us through the developing technologies. So instead of exchanging bills when you owe money to someone, as a Cash App user, you can simply pay it through the phone.

Being a Cash App user, you have the idea that all the history of your transactions can be viewed by simply selecting the clock symbol situated at the right bottom corner under the Activity section. Under this section, you can view the list with the names of people with whom you had interacted recently within the application itself.

Through this blog, we would like to guide you on ‘How to delete history on Cash App’ or you can say ‘How to delete your transaction history on Cash App?’ Let us look into these in detail below.

How to delete Cash App transaction history: 

The history of transactions on the Cash App is the place where all the activity along with transactions by receiving and sending payments from and to through the phone contacts are recorded.

By clicking on the specific payment, you can view all the details of the payment and also display if the payment is still pending or has been completed.

So when you make any transactions on the Cash App all are automatically registered as the statement of Cash App transactions.

Can Cash App history be deleted? How to delete your Cash App history

The response on ‘ Can or How to delete payment history on Cash App’ is direct ‘No’. Square Cash App history cannot be deleted by the users as they do not deliver such options so as to delete the transaction history as you do not need it.

As per the Cash App Terms Of Service, when a transaction is made by a user, he/she cannot delete it further as a sake for security reasons.

Many people have the desire to delete the transaction history on Cash App such as their transactions, payments, purchases as concerned to privacy issues.

And it may get you worried about account security and privacy. Because of this, questions like how to delete history from Cash App or how to delete Cash App activity history may come to your mind.

How to delete a Cash App history

Cash App users cannot delete their history on transactions as no option or method is available to do so in Cash App.

When a transaction is made, it will be added automatically to the list of payment history.

So one can say that as long the account is in use you can easily access the transaction history and also the ones who have got access to your Cash App account.

And this is because all the transactions you do are private and thereby the one who has the access can only see its transactions including the other recipient who was involved to make the payment.

In case you really wish to know how to delete Cash App payment history and can go to any range then simply close the account permanently in order to clear and delete all the history on Cash App along with the records of payments.

Penning Down:

Thus, we would like to advise you to change the passwords on a  regular basis so as to keep the account protected and secure.

The only thing you can do on how to delete transaction history on Square Cash App is to close the account permanently to clear all the payments records as there are no choices available to delete history transactions.

Hope the information in this blog will be helpful for you to learn how to delete your history on Cash App. For any issues contact its Customer Support Service for further assistance.

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