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If you want to activate the government check on a cash app but are unable to do so and are searching for ways to learn about the steps.

So this blog is for those users who wish to enable the government to check on their Cash App.

When you hear Cash App this term is a useful app for the users who are new to online banking. With its expanded features, the newly added one is the setting the direct deposit for check deposits.

But does it also deposit the Government Check on a Cash App? Many users were wondering about this question because they were not able to activate the government checks for deposits.

Can I enable the government check deposit on a cash app:

Yes, of course, you can opt to allow the facility of Government Check on your Cash App. As of 2020, the app reflects that it has the facility of cashing checks and a user can cash and receive the government checks using your Cash app.

The user of the cash app receives account and routing numbers that you can enter on the IRS tool of “Get My Payment”, enabling you to collect the funds and therefore you do not require to wait for the check to appear.

You will find a “Mobile Check Capture” feature on the app that will help you to capture the image electronically of the check and acquire the cash from the government check.

Before proceeding further you need to know whether the check has fulfilled the eligibility criteria to cash or to deposit it. If the check fails to fulfill the norms then the app has the right to decline your check instantly or change the decision after a period of time.

So, you need to have a backup option for check cashing if the feature Mobile Check Capture fails. You can select another option for cashing or using the bank option.

Let’s have a look at the requirements for the eligibility of a check through a mobile app on a cash app:

In order to utilize the feature, you need to meet the requirements and then your cash app will approve the government check.

  • It should be sent to you.
  • You need to secure the check in your ownership.
  • It needs to be paid using a credit union, bank or other institutions of depository in the USA bank in US dollars.
  • Suitably authenticated or signed by different norms.
  • If any issue occurs it should be exempt from any alterations or adjustments.
  • The date should be properly mentioned.
  • Approved by the applicant only as per the instruction as shown on a Cash App.
  • It should not be deposited or cashed previously.
  • It should not be dishonoured previously also.

How to enable Government instant deposit checks on a cash app:

You need to verify the email and contact number on your cash app. This is an important step that you need to complete because the message of check rejection or acceptance will be notified on the registered number by Cash App. If any information is required then they will contact you using your details.

In order to access the feature “Mobile Check Capture”, you need to enable the storage, location, camera, and time data on your Cash app otherwise check deposits are not accepted.

So, after providing the app with the required permissions then you can use the feature to take the photo of the check.

Make sure that the images taken are not blurred. The details mentioned on the image such as date, MICR data, signature, etc should be clearly viewed. After this Cash app will manually evaluate the information of the check.

After that, you will be notified of the check rejection or acceptance.

Received the email confirming that the check is accepted and also through the app. Next, you will obtain the cash deposited on the account of a cash app.

In some cases, cash apps ask to return the cash that was deposited. So, you need to keep the check safe for up to 2 weeks before it is marked as void. If you destroy the check then you cannot cash out using other means.

Also, a point to be noted is that if you have an active cash card then you can have the deposits or receive the check into the account. With this, you will have the routing and account numbers in order to set the instant deposits on your cash app.

If checks are rejected on a cash app:-

When the check is rejected you need to use different other means to cash it like a bank or PayPal.

Fees for Government Checks depositing:

You do not need to pay for a deposit check on the cash app.


The primary concern of this blog is to enable the government to check on cash apps. I hope, with this guide you can easily activate the instant deposit. Also, it’s important to fulfill the criteria otherwise you cannot deposit the checks. It might take 2 weeks to get the money to the account.

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