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Are you wondering about ‘How can I track my Cash App card?’ The answer is here. In this article we will try to answer and clear all your doubts and confusions related to questions like ‘How to track down my Cash App card’, ‘Can I track my Cash App card’, ‘Best app to track cash spending’, ‘Cash App tracking number’ and so on.

So we advise you to read this page thoroughly till the end.

Can you track your Cash App card:

In short, tracking the Cash App card is not possible. The transactions made on Cash App can’t be traced. The only thing that can be traced is the financial transactions if there is any valid necessity that may require lawful rights and so.

How do I track my Cash App Card:

As mentioned above you cannot track your Cash App card and no changes in settings can do it too. The history of your transactions can be seen only by you and the one who is having the access to your Cash App account.

How to track your Cash App card:

The steps that one can refer to for Cash App Card tracking has been stated below:-

  1. To start with, first launch your Cash App on the phone.
  2. Next, in your Cash App home screen, tap the button on ‘Activity’.
  3. In this page, all of the transaction history will be displayed.
  4. Each of the payments were labelled with their method of payment such as Credit/Debit Card, Wallet Balance or Cash Card.
  5. Tap on each of the payment so as to review the transactions and go through the payment details.
  6. Hit the ‘Back’ tab to move back to your homepage when you are done.
  7. You can even download and then Print the transaction history of Cash App for any future reference.

For this, you must head toward the Activity button, go to the statement and choose the month of payments, and press the ‘Ctrl+P’ command to print.

Can Police Track Cash App:

As stated by the Cash App Safety and Compliance with Law Policy, it indicates that for certain terms and conditions due to which Cash App lawfully needs to share details to acknowledge any regulation process, governmental request, or applicable laws.

Looking at the above-mentioned policy it has been made clear that the police even cannot track Cash App Card shipping directly but can make a request for details on the applicable law.

Wrapping Up:

Cash App is a mobile application designed for an instant money transfer i.e sending and receiving payments in less time in the United States.

It won’t permit its users to delete their transaction history but you must know that all the transactions on Cash App are made private by the default settings and to track my Cash App card is not possible unless the reason behind it satisfies its Law Policy section.

Hope now you got your answer on ‘How to track my Cash App card’ and if there is any more query contact the Customer Support service for any assistance.

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